When you have your own in-house Lean expert, you have the main prerequisite for maximizing your optimization potential on a sustainable basis. Especially if the specialists were trained by Staufen.

The Lean Specialists trained by Staufen are fully able to support the continuous improvement process with workshops and on-site projects.

We offer a complete three-tiered training program for future Lean experts and trainers.

Effective, highly competent and collaborative

level 1


Concept of Lean Expert and Soft Skills

Clarify the role of the Lean Specialist within the organization, clarify the basic principles of Lean management and processes and improve their presentation and communication skills.

Introduction to the Lean Expert concept and conducting workshops and improvement projects.

level 2


Specific knowledge and application of methods

Future Lean specialists choose the specific training that meets their performance needs, in order to develop specific Lean tools and methods for each environment. We ensure not only the acquisition of theoretical knowledge, but also the ability to apply it.
(Level 1 is required)

Choose a topic and delve deeper into it:

for production and related areas
Lean Manufacturing
Lean Assembly
Lean Logistics

for indirect areas
Lean Development
Lean Administration

level 3


Organizational competence and teaching

The focus of this training is to improve your ability to teach other topics related to Lean, effectively conduct workshops and improvement projects with a holistic view of the company’s transformation.
(Level 1 and 2 are required)

Advanced training for Lean Specialist:

Advanced training to become a Lean Trainer. How to multiply knowledge effectively and how to see Lean holistically

Interested in the Lean Experts program?

Our training partner

In conjunction with our training partner, the Institute of Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools at the Technical University of Darmstadt (PTW), we have created comprehensive professional-development programs for you that meet the needs of every area of responsibility and the corresponding corporate functions.

Focus on practical experience

In lieu of formal classroom instruction, we concentrate on practical relevance, authentic learning experiences on site with BestPractice companies, solid simulations and exercises held at the workplace. Our trainers have many years of experience as practitioners and coaches, and they will inspire you with numerous examples and case studies.

What our customers say

Flávia Amorim | Integrated Management Analyst, Durr Systems

This training is in line with the new phase that I am taking in the company, helping to spread Lean and in my career. It is another goal reached in my personal development. What I liked most was the visual facilitation part.

Andréia de Cássia Lourençon | People Partner & Recruiter, Tuberfil Indústria e Comércio de Tubos Ltda

Mix of technical and theoretical knowledge with experience in practice, combined with concern for the behavioral learning of participants.

Guilherme Velloso | Project Controls Analyst, Subsea 7

The training gave me a knowledge base so that I could apply the tools in the company, support and develop improvement projects, in addition to conducting workshops.

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