At one time, your bank’s local branch office was the main venue for financial consulting, and an insurance sales representative came to your home to discuss insurance policies as you sat on your couch – but these days are now a thing of the past. The market is shifting in a highly dynamic way. A number of new competitors are crowding out well-established businesses. Digitization and disruption are bringing a great deal of turbulence to the financial services industry.

Many long-standing companies have been financially drained by years of regulations and low interest rates. At the same time, they are struggling with rigid structures and obsolete IT systems. Banks and insurance companies have seen the writing on the wall, however. And as a result, they are taking an increasingly client-oriented approach instead of focusing on products. They are consistently optimizing their processes and facilitating adaptability with a new corporate culture.

Staufen provides solutions to support this transition and accelerate it. Our approach also effectively counteracts falling margins and rising costs.

Staufen’s Concepts and Solutions

Many financial-services providers have experience with programs that lower costs and increase efficiency, and the outcomes to date have been mixed. To achieve rapid and sustainable improvements, we adapt Lean Management methods which have proven their merits through years of industry experience. Together, we help you identify indicators in every area and review them in regularly-scheduled brief discussions. In every area, we enable employees to generate tangible successes and continuously pursue improvement using easy-to-learn tools and methods that will not overwhelm your company.

Our Visual Performance Management (VPM) allows us to create structured and transparent communications at your company. Visualization on standardized boards creates clarity about the relevant project status and current capacity.

This helps you identify any need for adjustment that much faster. In addition to increasing the company’s responsiveness, this also intensifies employees’ commitment to CIP. Positive employee input is then made apparent to everyone in VPM.

Instead of frequent emails and meetings that last for hours and are often unproductive, we concentrate on weekly “standings” and efficient, precise communications. This gives employees at every level more time for work that contributes to the value chain or strategic assignments.

Our experience in projects with financial-service providers shows that this approach greatly increases employee satisfaction. And that in turn increases your attractiveness as an employer, both among existing employees and potential hires.

Our experts are seasoned consultants and coaches. We accompany you along every step, all the way from the analysis of the actual situation to developing technical maturity, and we work with the people on site to develop concepts. In doing so, our emphasis is on improving leadership performance and creating a new culture of discussion.

Our goal is to transfer expertise to your employees so that even after the project is complete, they can independently continue pursuing improvement on any level — teams, groups, departments, branch offices and the executive board.

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