Our concept

With our integrated consulting approach, we combine systemic, methodological and technological expertise to actively work on the dynamics and interactions in companies and make internal and external complexity workable.

We support clients in establishing a performance-promoting and appreciative corporate culture, significantly increasing value creation and enhancing the value of the company. In order to achieve this in a responsible, action-oriented and sustainable manner, we have established a unique combination of specialist consulting and organizational development, with the aim of making our clients transformational and competitive for the future.

We inspire and enable to create value³

Our mission


Excellent processes allow you to increase your value creation and generate measurable results.


With excellent leadership, you establish a performance-promoting and appreciative company culture.


Our common goal: the long-term increase in the value of your company.

what our customers can rely on

Our way of working:

Getting things done

We develop customized solutions and implement them quickly and in line with requirements.

Inspiring people

We provide exclusive insights into benchmark companies and inspire your team.

Delivering results

We optimize results and ensure measurable economic success.

Making a lasting impact

We empower people and support you in establishing a long-term culture of change.

Our services

from sustainable problem solving to holistic transformation

Holistic Transformation.
Rethinking the corporation.

The (business) world is undergoing rapid change. Advancing digitization, increasing competitive pressure, rising complexity, poor earnings – many companies are facing existential challenges, and not just since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, great opportunities and new possibilities are also emerging.

Simply optimizing processes and coaching managers is often not enough in many situations.
To continue to be successful or to consistently expand their top position, companies must constantly question themselves, partly reinvent themselves and fundamentally transform themselves.

Ingredients for successful transformation
  • Ensure competitiveness and future viability in terms of business model, strategy, structures, processes and collaboration
  • Clear awareness of the problem and alignment with a common and compelling target image – with appeal for all employees
  • Maintain and improve what is tried and tested, consistently rethink and implement other aspects
  • Determination and focused power of change across the entire organization
  • Increase value creation from the customer’s perspective and eliminate waste
  • Create a performance-promoting and appreciative corporate culture
  • Increase the value of your company long-term

Companies operate in an increasingly complex, uncertain and challenging environment. The demands on operational and indirect processes in terms of adaptability and performance continue to increase. The aim is to increase performance with stable and flexible processes and thereby secure competitiveness in the long term.

Our contribution to your success: Excellent processes throughout the company, meeting the highest quality standards, at low cost and top delivery performance. With a noticeable effect on your bottom line. We show you how you can effectively counteract increasing cost and performance pressure.

Common Topics
  • Optimization of end-to-end value streams according to Lean Management principles
  • Functional excellence in sales, research & development, procurement, production and service
  • Increasing competitiveness and yield by reducing manufacturing costs
  • Reduction of overhead & indirect costs in direct and indirect areas
  • “Growing without growing”: Securing planned growth with existing resources
  • Global operational excellence by implementing a value creation system
  • Factory design based on lean principles
  • Increase market share through fast, agile and efficient time-to-market strategies

Optimize Not Only Your Business, but Also Your Network.

  • Faster innovation & development cycles
  • Regionalization vs. Globalization
  • Increasing product variance
  • Disruptive business models
  • Short delivery times and volatile markets
  • Increasing digitalization
  • Increasing degree of individualization
  • Increasing sustainability requirements
  • Increasing networking of value creation
Four fields of action

Management system

  • SCNM strategy development
  • Visualization in the network
  • Organizational development and leadership


  • Configuration & segmentation
  • Footprint – Locations and distribution structure
  • Order fulfillment in the network


  • Sales & operations planning
  • Start-up and phase-out control
  • SCM-oriented development

IT systems

  • Digital networking and IT application
Those Who Wish to Lead must move.

In times of great change, leaders need to acquire new skills. In addition to being a strategist
and supervisor, today they must also act as organizational developers and mentors. Employee development has become a central management task. More than ever, however, team effort and high-performance teams are needed to master the current challenges and make organizations capable of change and fit for the future.

We support you in the targeted establishment and implementation of new structures, processes, behaviors and models of collaboration, thereby enabling your organization to achieve sustainable change.

Common Topics
  • Success in change: Transformation towards becoming an agile and learning organization
  • Leading in times of crisis: Focus, speed, impact
  • Leadership Excellence: Effectively leading yourself, others and the organization
  • Improvement culture and best performance with leadership and Shop Floor Management
  • High-performance teams: Clear goals, focus on levers for success, collaboration with synergy
  • Agility: Collaboration models, mindset, leadership, tools
  • Change Management: Leading change programs to success
  • Customized qualification programs for leaders and improvement experts
Continuously and Sustainably Increase Company Performance.

We support you in phases of existential crisis and restructuring all the way to the implementation of ambitious growth strategies. The objective is to achieve sustainable improvement in profitability and earnings and to make a relevant contribution to increasing the value of the company. With our specific top-down/bottom-up approach, instead of pure “cost cutting,” we achieve fast results and establish thinking and working according to excellence principles.

Our holistic approach safeguards existing success and creates a basis on which transformation to new business models and structures can be successfully managed.

Common topics
  • Predictive restructuring – proactively addressing and successfully managing upheaval and change
  • Reorganization report/IBR – creating transparency in accordance with IDW and BGH standards
  • Potential analysis/top-down, bottom-up – validate business planning assumptions and identify P&L and cash-relevant levers
  • Program management/PMO – operationalize and implement potential and measures
  • Cash flow management – optimizing working capital, securing liquidity and designing financing structures
  • Strategic alignment – positioning businesses for the future and successfully developing strategies
  • Create operational due diligence and integrate with other audits
Pragmatic and practical digitalization.

Manufacturing Analytics

  • Data connectivity in real time
  • Descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive
  • Structured problem-solving with analytics

Enterprise Process Excellence

  • End-to-end process optimization with process mining
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Digital Leadership

  • Digital Shop Floor Management
  • Multi-project management
  • Data-based, automatic deviation management

Smart Factory

  • Digital/Smart Factory – strategy & conception
  • End-to-end value stream – potential analysis
  • Use case identification and implementation

Staufen is also one of the best management consultants in 2024.

For the eleventh time in a row, we have received the “Best Consultants” award from brand eins and Statista. This year, we particularly impressed the jury in the automotive, industrial goods and aviation sectors as well as in the “Operations Management” consulting field.

award beste berater 2024 DE

Our services in detail


Leadership, Organizational & Personnel Development

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Supply Chain Network Management

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