High performance in Civil Construction

The challenges for construction companies and developers in Brazil are many. Among them, working with maximum operational efficiency in the work to obtain better results and keep the company competitive is among the most important. Given the complexity and number of variables involved in a construction site, this challenge is far from easy.

The construction industry has undergone an intense transformation in recent years. The sector left a comfortable moment, in which it was possible to take risks in new segments, for a period of operation with minimal risk. Some companies that emerged in times of plenty found it difficult to operate in such unfavorable conditions.

The economic slowdown also brought critical points to management. The increase in interest rates, credit difficulties and the slowdown in demand for new projects are among the biggest obstacles.

With increasingly smaller margins, using mechanisms that increase productivity directly impacts the speed and quality of the jobs performed. Routine management at construction sites, in addition to the use and maintenance of machinery and equipment, ensures continuous improvement in the operation of the works. With this, it is possible to increase efficiency at the jobsite, by reducing waste, variable costs and downtime.

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Francisco Cabrera

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Main challenges of the sector:

  • ElevadLong delivery times and low final quality
  • High customer complaint rate
  • High costs due to damage and loss of materials in the works
  • Loss of productivity due to delays in the execution and supply of materials
  • Large amount of unfinished services upon delivery

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