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Adrian Lucero
Adrían Lucero

19 years of experience in consulting and training in Industrial Sectors such as: Food, Chemistry, Electronics, Automotive and Plastic Injection.

Certified technical consultant in Industrial Benchmarking - PROBE, a tool developed at London Bussines School and applied to more than 60 Brazilian companies, including Petrobras, Bunge Foods, Delphi and Portobello.

Lean Office Training and Mapping (VSM) to improve Service Level and Customer Experience.

- Flow and layout projects with creation of mini factories, aiming the unit flow;
- Improvement of administrative processes - Lean Office - moderating jobs in Latin American;
- Improved productivity in long assembly lines and low T/C, and all internal logistics for PDU;
- Application of Standardized Work and picking productivity improvement at DC;
- Participated in more than 20 projects in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and the Caribbean, in companies such as 3M, AmBev, Tigre, Flowserve, Brightstar Fueguina, Atlas Schindler and Citrosuco.

+55 (48) 9971 7198

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