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Alberto Senapeschi Neto

More than 20 year in Faber-Castell group (global company of German origin) mostly as an executive in the areas of operations and supply chain, where he implemented the S&OP processes (Sales & Operations Planning), Strategic Sourcing and did the turnaround of one industrial unity.

In consultancy, worked with many projects of definition and implementation of strategies to increase performance in both industrial and supply chain operations.

Strategy and support for implementation of industry 4.0 elements.

Management and leadership of teams.

- Oji Papeis: Improvement of performance and Lean transformation.
- Thyssenkrupp Elevators: Performance gain in logistics.
- Construtora Tenda: Supply chain – performance strategy and gains.
- Faber-Castell: “Turnaround” of an industrial unity.
- Banco Itaú / Staufen Academy: Training in S&OP, PCP, Lean&Digital, etc.

(19) 99103 0044

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