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Dr. André Zofka
Dr. André Zofka

Dr. André Zofka has wide experience within the pharmaceutical-, chemical-, machinery- and plant engineering-, retail-, logistics-, IT services- and food industry. Since more than 20 years he has been acting as executive and project manager as well as consultant in the international environment (Right Management AG, Mummert Group and Seiler Com Holding). . He particularly got involved with projects as change management and organizational development, strategy development, -planning and -implementation, Lean Management / CIP as well as marketing and branding. As a systemic coach he mentors executives with specific challenges. His personal concern is to improve the organization’s performance through the implementation of a companywide culture of continuous improvement, where the employee’s skills and knowledge are recognized and developed. Dr. André Zofka has been working for Staufen Inova since 2013.

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