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The role of managers in Lean Transformation

14/03, 8h to 17h
Format: In loco
Place: SCHOTT, em Itupeva/SP

The term Shop Floor Management is in focus and rightly so, it means an improvement in leadership and organization on the way to a Lean company. The methods and tools employed aim to improve the interaction between managers and employees, as they are responsible for promoting problem solving and process improvement. Transparent visualization, understanding and management play an important role in Shop Floor Management.


The role of leadership in effective Lean implementation and how the company’s strategy should be deployed

27/03 and 3/04, 9h to 12h
Format: live and on-line

Hoshin Kanri was developed to assist the Lean transformation, focusing on the development and deployment of strategic objectives. Based on the company’s vision, innovative goals are formulated with a three to five year horizon which, in turn, establishes goals for the following year.

LEAN MANUFACTURING (level 2 – lean experts)

Practical and theoretical knowledge for experts in Lean Manufacturing

24, 25, 26 and 27/04, 8h to 17h
Format: In loco
Place: Iscar do Brasil, Vinhedo/SP

Lean tools and methods specific to the manufacturing environment. Eliminate long lead times, high inventory counts, high setup times, unscheduled equipment downtime and quality variations! We offer you complete and intensive training to change your way of thinking in order to solve these problems in a structured, value stream-oriented and lasting way.


Optimize your administrative processes

8 and 9/05, 8h to 17h
Format: In loco
Place: Martin Engineering, Campinas/SP

Administrative or service areas also have great potential for improving their processes. Lean Office and Service employs the most appropriate concepts and tools to identify and eliminate waste, making administrative processes more agile and efficient.

Lean Administration is a fundamental approach in the Lean Transformation of any company.

Change Management Principles

Supporting change processes in organizations

15/08, 8h to 17h
Format: in loco
Place: Martin Engineering, Campinas/SP

The Change Management Principles training will address the pillars needed to support change projects, looking at the human side, which, on several occasions, ends up being in the background. With some methods and tools, we can more effectively plan change initiatives, which will look not only at what needs to be changed or improved, but at the people who will be impacted by the change, in search of acceptance, engagement and less resistance. It is only in this way that we can achieve projects with a level of effectiveness and more expressive results, after all, every change starts with people.

Lean Operational Leadership

Guarantee of process stability, high productivity and continuous improvement

Dias 19 e 25/09, das 9h às 12h
Format: live and on-line

In introducing Lean production systems, the focus is often just on implementing methods and tools that are later maintained by Lean specialists or as a result of cost pressures from programs to increase efficiency. The Lean Operational Leader’s mission is to take control of the technical leadership of a small team, regularly verifying adherence to standards, providing support for process deviations, and ongoing leadership of structured problem-solving processes.

Agile Leadership

Excellence in the organizational model

24 and 30/10, 9h to 12h
Format: live and on-line

Agile management is not a one-off topic, but a trend of organizations that deal with complexity. An agile organization, after all, is able to recognize change at an early stage, quickly adapt to circumstances at any time – taking into account its own needs – and design the most effective and efficient organizational structure.

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Fernando Carvalho | Superintendent, Bradesco

The training format works very well with spaced classes and practical activity, in addition to the exchange of information, which was very rich.

Johnny Corrêa | Engineering Manager, CAOA

The workshop opened new horizons regarding opportunities in our work environment. The practical part was excellent to better absorb the presented theory.

Wagner Moraes | Production supervisor, Marcopolo

The training contributed to the implementation of Shop Floor Management at Marcopolo S.A. companies. I liked the way this work brings returns.

Leonardo Yoshida | Lean Manufacturing SUPERVISOR, Schuler

The training will help disseminate the practice of continuous improvement in the company. What I liked most was the testimony of Best Practice partner directors on the implementation of the Toyota Kata.

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