Intelligent training solution for your learning autonomy

The Staufen Smart Learning app was created thinking about the practicality and engagement of corporate training, offering a solution that guarantees learning autonomy for its employees, in addition to optimizing time and resources in training!

Several companies already use the Staufen Smart Learning app

Segment leader
of shoes

Leader in orange juice production

Segment leader
of shoes

why Mobile Learning?

Much more dynamic content, designed directly
for the format of smartphone screens!

  • Portable pocket computer
  • Diversification in ways of learning (podcasts, minigames, etc.)
  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • Independent from the corporate technological infrastructure
  • Individual media ensures personalization

97% of users browse the Internet using a mobile device (about 71 million people).

(Source: Research released by the Association
Brasileira de Telecomunicações – Telebrasil)

Far beyond fun: games as training tools


Stories engage the audience

quests and rewards

Stimulate people to perform certain activities or change certain behaviors

Challenges and Score

Similar to video games, the employee develops better cognitive functions, assimilates knowledge more clearly and stores information for longer

Technical and behavioral skills

A trend within HR departments, gamification can be used for different purposes in corporate training

autonomous learning

Motivated by the playful nature of games. Most people have positive gaming experiences throughout their lives.

why Staufen Smart Learning APP?


Communication environment and content exchange
that allows approximation between our instructors and the apprentice

New contents

Constant update of new
content to help your training

learning tracks

Diversification in formats for training
efficience: videos, minigames, podcasts, etc.


Dashboard allows the manager to monitor in
real-time employee learning performance


Our experienced consultants develop
Customized training tailored to your needs

In the palm of your hand, anywhere or anytime, you’ll have access to all the knowledge of Staufen’s global team!



active users




gamification strategy

Have a light and dynamic experience!

Navigating content through knowledge tracks drives learning and encourages progress.

The app brings interactive and logically organized content. The user has the ease of accessing anywhere, in addition to having the experience with gamification. Staufen consultants brought valuable knowledge!

Luiz Almeida
Specialist in Management and Operational Excellence Gerdau

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Increase your team’s efficiency and productivity levels.

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