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In today’s competitive environment, continuous learning and training have become essential for personal and professional development. Our white paper examines the importance of developing skills and how training programs can help people reach their full potential while helping the company remain ready for the future.

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Peter Ullrich

Master Trainer, Head of Content & Didactics


Today, it is more important than ever for companies to invest in the professional and interdisciplinary skills of their employees.

A key success factor is finding the right set of capabilities that enable growth (GROW), stable performance (PERFORM), and targeted transformation (TRANSFORM).

For the Staufen Academy, this trinity of GROW, PERFORM, and TRANSFORM describes the path to improving the performance of each individual and the organization as a whole.

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The door to skill development is open to you

Our white paper serves as a comprehensive resource that illuminates the value of skills and provides insight into the world of professional development programs.


New motto: Trust instead of control

The new challenge for managers is to develop their employees’ skills and give them more responsibility as part of the new work. Trust is the foundation of this process so that employees can take responsibility and grow.

There has to be a shift away from an error culture toward a learning culture.

If errors are recognized as opportunities to make improvements in the process, then not only do people learn, so does the whole organization. This attitude creates psychological security and is the basis for ensuring that errors are reported at the company.

In times where there is a shortage of qualified employees, companies must find ways to retain high performers for the long term.

Companies can succeed in this by fulfilling the needs of these above-average employees. This includes offering attractive career opportunities in the form of long-term and individual development paths and customized learning journeys, as well as more flexible working hours and a good work-life balance.

Happy employees are a key driver of business success.

In the long term, having an edge when it comes to knowledge makes a company fit for the future. This requires qualified employees. Managers are responsible for creating the conditions and ensuring the development of their employees’ knowledge and skills.

The communication of content is increasingly shifting from the what to the how.

New ways of working require adjustments in the way learning takes place. What is needed is an intelligent didactic interplay of proven and emerging learning methods that combines the flexibility of digital training elements with the advantages of complex skills and knowledge transfer in face-to-face events.

Lifelong learning has become a global necessity in the corporate world.

We’re never done learning. It is a continuous process. Managers are responsible for paving the way for employees’ individual development journeys. And here, they may not forget their own learning journey and skill development.

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