Agritech Supplier Summit 2023 brought together hundreds of top executives from Europe and the Americas in Augsburg, Germany

September 22, 2023 | Global news, News Brazil

Europe’s leading conference on the agricultural machinery supply chain also highlighted female leadership at this year’s edition

Sales of agricultural equipment have achieved good results over the last two and a half years, which have been marked by the serious economic crises resulting from the covid-19 pandemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine. Between January and December 2022, for example, the market remained at higher volumes than before the 2020 pandemic, despite inflation and geopolitical uncertainty, and the outlook remains positive for the coming years, in response to the growing demand for food in quantity and quality.

Against this backdrop, the 2023 edition of the Agritech Supplier Summit brought together more than 300 participants in Augsburg, Germany, mostly managers and senior executives from various countries in Europe and the Americas, to discuss topics such as the impacts generated by data analysis, sustainability, climate change and the circular economy for the agricultural sector, which is growing all over the world.

On stage at the Agritech Supplier Summit, various experts brought the latest news on agricultural machinery supply chains, with lectures, panels and discussion groups that promoted intense exchanges of experiences. Present at the event were executives from multinationals with a strong presence in Brazil, such as Tupy, Schulz, Basf, CNH Industrial, Continental, Dana, Bosch, Schaeffer, among others.

Female leadership on stage at Agritech

In addition to the key topics, the event highlighted the importance of female leadership in the segment, bringing big names to the Winds of Change panel, such as AGCO Corp.’s global director of advanced manufacturing technology, Susanne Lauda, Saint-Gobain SEKURIT Transport Division’s general manager, Simona Piumatti, Sherwin-Williams’ EMEAI executive vice-president, Flavio Marchi, and STAUFEN’s partner consultant, Nathalia Yamanaka.

According to the Staufen consultant, the Agritech initiative reinforces the discussion about the role of women in leadership positions around the world and the great results achieved by multinational companies that have been investing heavily to increase the number of women in senior management. “Initiatives like this are certainly a big step, but we need to go further. The number of women at an event like this is still very disproportionate – we’re not even 10%. This reality needs to change,” says Nathalia Yamanaka.

Nathalia Yamanaka

Nathalia Yamanaka



"Initiatives like this are certainly a big step, but we need to go further. The number of women at an event like this is still very disproportionate – we're not even 10%. This reality needs to change".

winds of change

To encourage and inspire more and more women in their careers, the book “Winds of Change” was also launched on the occasion. It contains a compilation of the stories of great female executives – including the panelists – and details the challenges and achievements of their careers in this universe. The book will soon be sold on

Check out all the the event pictures here.

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