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Best Management Consultants 2024: Staufen wins in the automotive, industrial goods and aviation industries / awarded leading Operational Excellence consultancy in a total of 14 categories

April 4, 2024 | Global news

Staufen is among the best management consultants in Germany for the eleventh time in a row. The operational excellence experts came in as a top contender in three industries in the highly regarded rankings by brand eins and Statista. And even in the Operations Management field of consultancy, the consulting firm secured the top position as well. Both clients and experts alike praise the company’s implementation strength and its approach to consulting, which focuses on holistic measures to improve performance.

“Recognizing opportunities, developing solutions and taking bold steps to implement them – that is the basis for sustainable success. This means we generate significant performance improvements for our clients while also establishing a performance-enhancing culture of improvement. With our integrated understanding of Operational Excellence and Performance Improvement we set the proper accents that are also reported positively in the P&L”, explains Wilhelm Goschy, CEO of Staufen AG. Organizations have been faced with so many unforeseeable challenges over the past few years. Time and again, though, we have seen that “If you can step out of your comfort zone and work on tackling your entrepreneurial challenges, you can strengthen your business and your employees in the face of increasing competition. So don’t sit problems out, tackle them: choose operational excellence over “German Angst”.

The deciding factors in the brand-eins consultant ranking are not sales or number of employees, but rather the quality ratings by clients, industry insiders and other consulting firms. To this end, close to 6,900 experts and consultants and more than 1,500 executives from organizations of all size categories were asked for their assessment. Staufen CEO Goschy: “We are really pleased that we have once again been able to impress decision-makers in the business world with our work. Receiving confirmation of our leadership position demonstrates that our customers always receive real added value from us and that we are always able to unlock hidden potential in their organizations.”

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In the consulting fields of “Digitalization”, “Purchasing & Supply Chain Management”, “Operations Management”, “Organization” and “Restructuring”,. Staufen was able to retain its award from the previous year. Additional awards were received for the areas “Coaching” and “Strategy Development”. Wilhelm Goschy underlines the significance of this comprehensive approach: “The broad spectrum underscores the scope that consulting companies are asked to cover today. No longer is it sufficient to be brilliant in individual disciplines. These days, organizations have to be able to successfully manage and optimize complex networks. This requires not only thinking outside the box, but also professional data analysis, proven tools from the lean toolbox and an understanding of financial performance.”

This approach impressed the decision-makers in a number of different industries. As such, Staufen AG continues to be one of the top players in 2024 in the “Agriculture, Food and Beverages”, “Automotive & Suppliers”, “Health Care”, “Aerospace, Defense”, “Mechanical and Plant Engineering”, “Other Industrial Goods” and “Transport, Traffic, Logistics” industries when it comes to seeking top expertise in the areas of operational excellence and performance improvement.


For the past 15 years, the Staufen Best Practice Day has been a must-attend event for anyone who recognizes one primary goal for themselves and their company: operational excellence. On June 18th, the BestPractice Day 2024 will once again offer a full day of expert knowledge, insights and opportunities to network. How do global market leaders manage to improve their performance even in times of crisis? What steps do we need to take to unleash the potential of digitalization and artificial intelligence? What does leadership need to look like in the future?

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