Consulting is expanding its presence in Brazil with the opening of an office in Rio Grande do Sul

January 27, 2020 | News Brazil

It has been more than 25 years with plenty of successful stories. With a presence in more than ten countries worldwide, Staufen Transformation Leading Consulting, the basic methodology of which is Lean Management, was founded in Germany in the 1990s. In 2019, at a time of worldwide crisis, the company celebrated its 25th anniversary by announcing its huge growth and expansion plans.

Now in 2020, with these expansion plans in mind, the Brazilian subsidiary is officially opening its second office, located in the southern part of the country, home to manufacturing locations of hundreds of German companies offering huge market potential. The business office is located in the Brazil-Germany Commerce and Industry Chamber’s building (AHK) in Porto Alegre, with whom for many years Staufen has been maintaining an important partnership.

From foundation to expansion

Staufen’s history began in the early 1990s, when Martin Haas, a process engineer, and Ralf Stokar, from people development sector, became acquainted at Daimler, in Germany. Within a short time, it became clear that they had a lot in common: they quickly agreed that the sustainable process development only works if employees also have the same self-development opportunities. This is how the unique consultancy concept, which to this day is still the basis for all Staufen’s business models, was established in 1994: the opportunity to see, learn, act and experience.

Eleven years later, in 2005, Staufen initiated its first steps towards global expansion, and a decision was made to establish a presence in what today is considered  the sixth largest economy in the world: China. Later, several acquisition opportunities gave Staufen experience and portfolio: from Eastern Europe and Italy in 2007; from Brazil in 2013; and then Switzerland and Mexico in 2017; the company now boasts a staff of more than 300 direct employees, which is a considerable amount in the consultancy market.

Staufen in Brazil

In Brazil, Staufen has arrived through the merging with Taktica Consulting in Manufacturing, that by that time had 12 years of experience and a large portfolio through the country and some others in world.  From this union, great Lean Transformation projects came with a unique approach: process excelence demands people transformation, with technology support, to create pragmatic and measurable results.

According to Dário Spinola, Staufen’s managing director in Brazil, the big consulting differential is the global experiences exchange between companies that experienced meaningful results on their transformation journeys, with a focus on the leadership development that maintain the process improvement. “The daily leadership at where everything happens ensure the sustainability and continuous improvement. We performed transformation projects and qualified executives and collaborators to develop the improvement culture, with measurable and visible results for the quick projects success and the direct impact at the financial statement”, Dário detached.

The transformation proposed by Staufen works in any area, from automotive, to capital goods, energy and processes, aviation, banking, construction, retailing and consumer goods. The principles give to the company the goals like to deliver with maximum resources saving, without defects – what is also a way to eliminate wastes -, from the employees commitment and involvement.

New Staufen’s office in Porto Alegre/RS

Address: Castro Alves St., 600 – Independência, Porto Alegre/RS – Brazil

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Porto Alegre, We arrived!

Staufen’s new office in Porto Alegre / RS is located in the AHK building.

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