During the Best Practice Day Brazil the director from 3M will approach the leader’s role in lean transformation

July 21, 2015 | News Brazil
Staufen Táktica, an international lean management consulting company, will present its first international conference, in october 6th and 7th, in Itupeva-SP. The “Competitiveness is the challenge. Lean transformation is the way” is the theme for the  Best Practice Day in Brazil. Models and practices that leverage the costs reduction and increased productivity will be discussed during the two-day event. The event will feature in the Excellence in Leadership session with the speech of the Industrial Operations Director from 3M Brazil, Afonso Luiz Chaguri. The participant will be able to see and follow the experience from Chaguri leading the Manufacturing and Supply Chain teams operations from 3M Brazil, focusing on two obstacles that any leader should face to effectively transform your company. Chaguri explains that the leadership is the engine to any transformation process, and that all Lean transformation requires a very present leadership, because it involves the conflict interests management existing between the maintenance of the current system and the new model. “The challenge of leadership is divided in overcome two major obstacles. The first obstacle relates to conflicts management, where the biggest problem we found is the feeling of loss power in one of the parts of the senior managers from the company. The other major obstacle faced by the leadership is the design of the new model. I think that in this process the leader is who must know where he wants to go and who should also know how to get there." The director from 3M explains that in any change process we must form a administrative coalition with people who have power positions and also with people who have the specific expertise required for change. Chaguri stands up for the presence of a leader, ready to change the organizational structure of the company in order to enable the implementation of new processes necessary for the working Lean model.  During the speech, Afonso Chaguri will report the Lean journey at 3M, where he found the right way when he actually adapted the concepts to the culture and the company’s needs. “We have developed our management model incorporating simplification and even reorganized the way of working in team. Our management model is constantly improving, but the changes in the model occur gradually according to the maturity of the team, who understand and operate the new model as a natural thing. This doesn’t happen without a leadership attentive to details and very present. " His expectations about the event, the Director of industrial operations from 3M Brazil believes that Best Practice Day is an opportunity for exchange experiences with other corporations managers to make companies more competitives. More Information:

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