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November 29, 2019 | News Brazil

*By Luciana Barros

A consistent and sustainable transformation requires the engagement of people, at all levels, from all departments. Cultural changes involve the creation of a new mindset, transforming the way we think and act in our daily lives. It is something to practice every day and every time, until it is rooted, becoming naturally and effortlessly.

In Brazil, the deficit in professional training is alarming. According to data from BRASSCOM, in technologies, in 2020, Brazil will have a deficit of 750 thousand qualified professionals, if does not reinforce training programs. This is even more upsetting as, according to IBGE, there are more than 12 million unemployed people in the country.

About 20% of our job opportunities are specifically for the digital market, which now has more than 5000 startups, according to ABStartups. In addition, by 2020, more than 70% of the small and medium companies featured in “Fortune 500” will be startups.

STAUFEN’s approach fits perfectly in this scenario. We are one of the most recognized transformation consultancies around the globe. Our work is based on the Lean methodology, which offers robust and sustainable solutions for peak performance. We believe that people have an important role in this transformation, so we offer an extensive and complete training program, consolidated by the STAUFEN Training Academy. However, we know that training by itself is not enough, it is necessary to supervise and measure. And that is why, in addition to the implementation of concepts, tools and trainings, STAUFEN’s clients network with experienced coaches, which makes our approach even more consistent.

In 2020, we bring you an extensive open training schedule, with some news! We believe that exchanging experiences are essential, so we are expanding visits and tours. We also know that the demand for e-learning is getting higher in the country, and we are working to offer you also this option.

Check out our training program for 2020, invest in yourself and be one step ahead!

Luciana Barros is Marketing and Academy manager at STAUFEN.Táktica

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