Kata practices forum surprises managers by the rich exchange experience between big companies that bet on continuous improvement

May 25, 2018 | News Brazil

Always improve, until that it becomes routine. In order to promote collective reflection among Kata practitioners, create and share learning and accelerate the understanding of concepts, Staufen Táktica gathered more than 60 professionals from companies such as Mahle, GROB, Schott, Saur, Sabó, Marcopolo, Tenda and Oerlikon Balzers on Tuesday, May 22, at the ZF headquarters from Brasil in São Bernado do Campo for Kata Practice Forum. Kata is a methodology to develop in people habits, skills and daily improvement behavior, supported by the scientific method.   

According to business direct of ZF from Brazil, Flavio Rosso, who presented “ZF Kata journey”, the initiative of the meeting was excellent and very engaging dynamics. “I found the presentation of Sensei Paulo, which brought the Kata origins into the martial arts and, in particular, Karate. For me, several routines of improvement Kata and coaching Kata have made more practical sense”, said ZR director, who also highlighted one of the group’s dynamics – using a puzzle- as an easy way to keep the concepts. “Seeing other companies walking and having good results is inspiring” – said Flávio Rosso. 

The ZF from Brazil already has more than 3 years of experimentation in methods of improvement continuous, with the expressive results such as increase capacity of NKW oven in 8%, increase more than 15% in OEE (overall Equipment Effectiveness) of the presses, elimination of 80% WIP (Work in process) in the press buffers, reduction of 30% set-up time of assembly, increasing OEE in more than 13%. All gains by ZF came without the need of capital investment, only with human investment in the practice of improvement continuous. 

Novo Nordisk’s Lean Manager, Emerson Lincon, presented the “Lessons learned from Kata” with the company’s success case. For him, the application of Kata in various areas of the company, such as quality, support and services, financial area, human resources, in addition to the production areas, was the highlight of the forum. “It was a huge exchange of experiences, we also learned a lot. We exchanged information with professionals who are in various stages of applying kata and the process was very rich and positive. Many people came to me to ask questions and tell their stories. The challenges that each one face within their own reality is a great learning for all”, Emerson evaluated. 

Already Lisiane Kopt, lean coordinator of Elevators Thyssen Krupp, spoke about the Kata Application on an assembly line. “Much more than passing our knowledge on this topic, I am leaving this forum very satisfied by the import exchanges of experiences and to see so many companies using Kata to achieve their goals. I look forward to share with my Thyssen colleagues and putting into practice all the knowledge that I gained today”, concluded lean coordinator.
Promoted by Staufen Táktica, the forum was the first initiative of the company to discuss the Kata’s practices with organizations from various segments that focus on continuous improvement.  For Staufen táktica general manager, Dario Spinola, Kata is one of the performance improvement methodologies that has attracted many managers in recent years.  “Demand has increased. Certainly, we will offer other opportunities for discussion and exchange experiences in relation to Kata”, finalized Spinola. 

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