Lean Administration Training will happen at Martin Engineering

July 29, 2015 | News Brazil
Staufen Táktica will perform the training of Lean Administration Fundamentals – lean process in indirect areas, on august 18th and 19th, at Martin Engineering, in Campinas (SP).     
The training will happen within na international company, leader in the development, manufacture and supply of innovations to make the handling of bulk materials cleaner, safer and productive during the production period.                                                       
The training is designed for managers and professionals in the areas of human resources, sales, marketing, development, finance, technology and purchasing. The training will approach the development of the “indirect potential” in processes, functions and workstations so the company can achieve the ultimate goal of Lean Transformation.
The participants will be able to understand step by step, with the simulation “BestOffice Business”. During the two days of training, it will be present concepts for the implementation of Lean management, which develops optimization time, value stream, functional optimization, methods and concepts for motivation and continual improvement of performance. Sign up with Fernanda Menk, f.menk@staufen-tá For more information, call us on +55 (19) 3262-0011.

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