Lean Transformation made Alestis Aerospace literally take off!

March 4, 2020 | News Brazil

* Vicente M. Sinkunas Jr.

During 2019, at the request of the Spanish head office and local management, who regularly followed the progress made, we supported Alestis, in São José dos Campos/SP, in all its transformation process. We began the implementation phase based on a rational sequence of improvement events (known as Kaizens), followed by the implementation of standardized production flows, with movement synchronization of productive and logistical means, in addition to improved visual management.

The capacity of each work center was balanced and standardized and an internal distribution center was created to supply parts. In addition, together we carried out the optimization of the shipping flow and the regularization oshopf the stock levels of finished products. In other words, the entire value creation chain has been reviewed and optimized. In order to guarantee the routines  and improvements implemented sustainability, Shop floor Management was installed at all hierarchical levels, accompanied by initial coaching of production leaders and support areas.

According to the company’s CEO, Carlos Daluz, the gains already achieved at the end of the project were significant: there was a 60% reduction in the productive lead time; the stable delivery service on time for shipment rose to 95% and the level of stocks in process (WIP) fell by more than a third compared to the beginning of the project. As important as these results were, however, the training of the leaders and the Alestis team involved in the project and the creation of an organization with Lean Management standards, which has been responding to the continuous challenges for even shorter delivery times, with quality assurance and, consequently, greater flexibility and cost competitiveness.

Our renewed congratulations to the Alestis team!

Vicente M. Sinkunas Jr. is a master in Management and Technology in Productive Systems, project manager and senior consultant at Staufen.

He was an executive and specialist in the automotive industry for most of his career and he obtained Lean certifications for the manufacturing and administrative areas.

Lean transformation made Alestis Aerospace literally take off!

Lean transformation at Alestis Aerospace
Lean transformation at Alestis Aerospace

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