Participants approve the training “Development of Lean Experts”

July 8, 2015 | News Brazil
Staufen Táktica held the training “Development of Lean Experts”, basic training, in Campinas, june 23rd to 25th. During the three days of training at Martin Engineering, the advisors from Staufen Táktica showed the participants how important it is to manage conflicts, demotivation and difficulties in the change process. The training approached the fundamentals of the change process management in social and working in teams processes; workshops organization and continuous improvement department. "The training contributed to the multiplication of the contents inside of the company and in the direction of future activities" said Rafael Araújo, costs analyst from Faber-Castell. For the participant Evandro Luiz Trombini, operations manager from Vulkan do Brasil, the content of the seminar exceeded the expectations, “Very good, it is interesting the possibility in the number of tools and how they can be used, and the opportunity to take the course in a company using the theory and practice”. The participants had the opportunity to understand how to manage teams with efficiency and still met troubleshooting techniques and moderation techniques, as well as the management and project planning. “The training covers situations experienced by people working with Lean”, says William Garcia A. Santos, analyst at B. Grob do Brasil.  “The moderation techniques and the importance of a good presentation to increase the power of persuasion Lean Experts in the daily work environment are the strengths of our training, we were able to verify this with the feedback from participants”, says Fernando Tajes, Senior consultant at Staufen Táktica, the responsible for this training. Staufen Táktica promotes the next training “Development of Lean Experts”, basic training, in the first semester of 2016 “I indicate this training for people who intend to improve and expand their knowledge, because I think that Lean is a increment in the industry, especially in this economic situation where the country is”, Evandro Luiz Trombini. 

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