Pull Production and Internal Logistics Training will be at Volvo

August 4, 2015 | News Brazil
Staufen Táktica will perform the training of Pulled Production and Internal Logistics – techniques and practices to connect efficiently the value stream – on august 18th and 19th, at Volvo do Brasil, in the city of Curitiba (PR).
The training is designed for experts responsible for continuous improvement programs; managers and production supervisors; professionals in the areas of production, logistics, planning and other related areas. The training will approach common problems in most companies, such as high materials inventories and finished products, the lack of materials and components, and the high internal handling costs.
The advisers from Staufen Táktica will point to the successful application of lean methods in internal logistics production support through the “Best Point” deliveries in many points of the production system. During the two days of training, the participants will follow the fundamentals of Lean Logistics and the impact of creating a value stream in practice, optimizing the use of equipment aiming flexibility. The participants will also participates in the simulation and calculation formula of Kanban cards. Sign up with Fernanda Menk, f.menk@staufen-tá For more information, call us on +55 (19) 3262-0011.

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