Quick setup and Lean Machining training was performed in Iscar Brazil

June 11, 2014 | News Brazil
During June 04 and 05 of June the Staufen Táktica held two training courses at Iscar Brazil plant, in the city of Vinhedo, São Paulo. The manufacturing unit is specialized in the manufacturing of special tools, drills, brackets, cape chisels, boring bars, milling headstock, hard metal inserts with special profiles; Iscar has a Machining Technology Centre where Fast Setup and Lean Machining trainings were given by Staufen.Táktica consultants.  The training presented a systematic approach on prevention, reduction and standardization of setup procedures. "During the training, participants have learned the importance of reducing setup times that impact not only cost and productivity aspects, but also the aspects related to final customer satisfaction. An example is the fast lead-time and flexibility for an instant reaction, " explained Fernando Tajes, Staufen Táktica Senior Consultant.  During training, dynamics where participants discussed measures for the implementation and sustainability were proposed. "Trainings were very positive and very practical, enabling a great learning to participants, allowing them to apply these concepts in their manufacturing environments and to pursue organization, process improvement, setups optimization, productivity and machining cost reduction. We are very pleased with this first event and we believe the Lean concept is the only path to sustainability of the companies in this country, " added Ricardo Freitas, Marketing Manager & Machining Education at Iscar Brazil. Iscar has a special tools factory that already uses the Lean concept in its process. According to the marketing manager, the partnership with the Staufen Táktica will increase the speed of this concept implementation in other facilities of the company. The next trainings in Iscar Brazil will be happening on October 15 and 16. Make your registration with Fernanda Menk, For more information, please call (19) 3262 0011.

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