Shop floor Management at Mahle’s Itajubá Plant – Maintenance Area

September 5, 2017 | News Brazil
In the second half of 2016, the piston ring unit of Mahle Itajubá began the deployment of the Shop floor Management (SFM) to support production areas starting with maintenance.
Although the maintenance staff already participated in the meetings, solutions and confirmations of the process along with the production staff, there was still no focus on the maintenance problems, the participation was restricted to answer the needs of the production.
The responsible for the implementation was the head of maintenance from Mahle plant in Itajubá, Adalberto Peres. The first activity was the definition of indicators: "We use the indicators based on the S Q D C prioritization:
SAFETY: Accidents with or without temporary retirement: registry of indicators.
MAINTENANCE QUALITY: Rework of corrective and preventive maintenance. This is a good indicator of maintenance quality because it shows us the work quality performed and the rework. In the most critical cases it is possible to make an analysis through the PDCA-A3 Methodology.
DELIVERY: The compliance indicator for preventive maintenance also allows us to monitor and measure our picture in relation to our human x hour. It also gives us the accomplishment vision of the preventive weekly plan!
COST: The maintenance cost indicator allows us to manage our available financial resources. It also brings to employees the actual value of each item or component generating value knowledge $ of the components! This made the employees have more controls and component care!
Within Shop floor Management (SFM) one of the main points in the routine of leadership is the prioritization of problems, through the top problems, which are staggered within the structure of the area: "Problems that the supervisor can not solve, he escalates to the superior in the search for support to solve the problem. If you do not have the immediate solution, it goes to the action plan with date and responsible! So the problems are little by little solved!" Confirms Adalberto Peres.
Another priority is the problems visualization: in the SFM, problems are an opportunity for employee development and processes improvement, putting problems in evidence and not hiding them is a key to improve indicators and develop employees: "SFM has provided the best way to prioritize the pending maintenance areas. The SFM also highlights many issues that were not resolved and remaining for a long time! "Added Adalberto.
SFM also optimizes management, the focuses on the main problems of the area directs actions through performance indicators and the use of information center facilitates the management of teams and the area. According to Adalberto, "today it is also possible to manage the area through the SFM framework! "
The Shop floor Management has as its main objective the development of employees through the relationship "Mentor & Mentee", however this process is not so simple and fast, requiring a development of the leadership so that they act as mentors. According to Adalberto, there is already an employee development by the leaders, but still very premature, maintenance leaders are still in the learning and development stage to become mentors.
One of the main indicators for maintenance was the maintenance rework (corrective or preventive), the indicator was developed to guide maintenance to its main client: productive areas. That way, whenever an equipment showed a problem after a maintenance intervention, it was referred as  a rework (just like when we received our car with a dealership problem after maintenance).
The PDCA-A3 tool was chosen to deal with this rework, so, besides correcting the problems, the employees understand the real causes and can develop improvements during the correction process: "We have already learned a lot from this tool (PDCA-A3 ), we corrected our preventive routes through the PDCA feedback signal and also through the equipment improvement. This PDCA activity also provides the development of our staff by encouraging them to think and neutralize the causes of equipment breakdowns! This is an item that has improved a lot with SFM, but in very large areas like machining, we still have many opportunities for improvement! "Said Adalberto.

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