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November 23, 2016 | News Brazil
Schuler is a renowned manufacturer of stamping equipment and its presses are found globally in virtually all major automotive companies and their suppliers, as well as in other market segments using stamped, folded and drawn components. In addition, it has a Services and Training area, which offers alternatives for modernization projects for installed equipment and qualification of operation and maintenance personnel. Staufen has been a longtime partner in the lean journey of Schuler AG in Germany, where it is currently supporting the company’s development of SFM (Shop Floor Management). Since the beginning of 2015, however, it has been working on a new and original cooperation model to optimize customer prints. To complement its services to maximize productivity, safety and energy efficiency of equipment, Schuler is leading the partnership with Staufen, in order to seek the full potential of efficiency of the production system as a whole. In this respect, it is not only the optimization of productive equipment, but also related processes, such as the logistic supply of materials and tools. Through the partnership, integral solutions can be approached, covering processes from the receipt of raw material to the dispatch of finished products. Carlos Matiello, a service engineer at Schuler Press – Brazil, points out that "the new model of cooperation opens the doors of companies to new businesses. And the greater the success of our customers, the greater the chances of generating even more business. " As partners with a global presence and presence, Staufen’s Lean Process Specialists can cooperate in the diagnosis and optimization proposals of the entire value chain. This is done through a Quick Check: a type of standardized report, prepared in conjunction with Schuler, Staufen and customer experts, whereby, in a period of 3 to 5 days, processes are analyzed in the flow of Total value, operational and performance data are raised and improvement actions and respective earnings potentials are identified, which will support investments that really add value to the system. The realization of Quick Checks is in an improved state and has already generated projects in Germany, Sweden and China. Example of a Quick Check Diagnostic Page As of the end of September / 16, the first activities were carried out to begin the cooperation model in Brazil. Schuler Brasil’s Services, Support Engineering and Technical Assistance specialists were gathered for training on topics related to Lean Manufacturing, Rapid Set Up, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and Global Equipment Efficiency (OEE), provided With Vicente Sinkunas, project manager of Staufen Táktica. A workshop was also held to discuss the potentials to be explored by the new business model and the structure required for Quick Checks. "OEE is our main indicator; Our goal is to fully utilize the total time available for production and thus achieve the best process productivity and equipment performance, guaranteed quality and planned costs, "says Vicente Sinkunas, project manager at Staufen Táktica. There is already real interest from clients to a Quick Check, which will be the pilot project in Brazil. It is hoped that this project will be an example for the execution of many others and will consolidate in Brazil the successful partnership already proven abroad.

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