Staufen Táktica Academy conducts training in conjunction with ISCAR

May 28, 2014 | News Brazil
ISCAR, company with expertise in the field of cutting tools and development of machining solutions for the entire national territory and in the most diverse market segments, is the new Staufen Táktica Academy training partner for 2014. During this year, the Israeli company with factory in the Vinhedo, São Paulo state, will hold two Staufen Táktica trainings. The manufacturing unit specialized in the manufacturing of special tools, drills, brackets, cape chisels, boring bars, milling headstock, hard metal inserts with special profiles has a Machining Technology Centre, where Fast Setup and Machining Excellence trainings will be given by Staufen Táktica consultants and ISCAR lean experts.  The training approach is focused on prevention, reduction and standardization of setup procedures. In the dynamics the measures for the implementation and sustainability are discussed. "During the training, participants will understand the importance of reducing setup times which have impact not only in cost and productivity aspects, but also in factors related to final customer satisfaction. An example is the fast lead-time and flexibility for an instant reaction, " tells Fernando Tajes, Staufen.Táktica Senior Consultant. There will be trainings in two different year epoch, in the first semester, on June 04 and 05, and in the second one, in October 15 and 16. Registrations can be made with Fernanda Menk, For further information, please call (19) 3262.0011. About ISCAR
Since its commence operations in Brazil in 1995, Iscar provides and develops machining solutions for nationwide and in this various market segments. In this Vinhedo city headquarter, Iscar is supported by trained professionals to develop the best solutions for the machining market, plus a trained customer service to meet the needs of each customer.  Inventory and strategic logistics able to supply its customers with international standards infrastructure quickly and safely.

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