Staufen Táktica is united to Association of Brazil-German Engineers

April 23, 2014 | News Brazil
Staufen Táktica has established an important partnership with VDI-Association of Brazil-German Engineers. Created in 1956, the institution is a Centre for clarification of technological doubts and technological cooperation promotion between Brazil and Germany. VDI partners with the Brazil-Germany Chamber of São Paulo to strengthen dialogue between both countries mainly through the organization of events on technical topics and managerial training for engineers and future professionals. Courses, lectures and seminars dealing with issues related to new technologies, especially the German and Brazilian ones are organised throughout the year. The partnership between VDI and Staufen Táktica, a company that arose from the Union of two companies, a German and a Brazilian one, intends to offer symposiums to members and to release to the public the Staufen Táktica Academy. The Staufen Taktica Centre for studies and learning of Lean concepts and tools is a differential of the company. As a SGB II-AZWV certified Academy the main objective of its programme of seminars is the practice guided by several consultants, which combines theory and practice. "The partnership with the VDI aims to present our work, that is to say, the new possibilities for improvements in the company’s performance, both in employees commitment and the results of the factory to his associates," explains Fernando Tajes, senior consultant at Staufen Táktica. To Matthias Neisser, CEO of VDI-Brazil, symposia and seminars contribute to the professional development of the engineer offering great networking opportunities, so important in the corporate world. When forming a network of contacts for engineers in Brazil, the VDI aims to act as a competent partner with companies focusing on technological cooperation, enabling better results in the competitive industrial market. Staufen Táktica will participate in three symposiums this year, in the cities of Joinville and São Paulo, Brazil; and in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the three ones with the presence of Wilhelm Goschy, Board Member of Staufen.

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