Staufen Táktica performed for Mahle a pilot in the machining of uncoated rings in Itajubá (MG)

November 16, 2016 | News Brazil
The Shop floor Management consultancy performed by Staufen Táktica for Mahle in a pilot in the machining of uncoated rings in Itajubá (MG), resulted in an effective behavior change in problem solving. For Luciano Mendes Pontes Viveros, MAHLE Metal Leve’s mini-factory head, Staufen Taktica’s participation was fundamental to change the way of thinking about factory floor management. "There was not only the concern to just implement a tool, the coaching helped a lot to see the gaps and to correct them. It was very important the experience and partnership of the consultants during the process. " Luciano emphasizes the greater approach in the analysis of the deviation of the executed one with relation of the standard, mainly during the go & see routine. "Shop floor management has helped us see losses as problems, as inherent in the process." Among the results achieved are the gains in quality indicators. In the scrap, the index had a reduction of 15% (from 7.5% to 6.4%) and rework a reduction of 6%. In this consultancy, the main indicator chosen to validate the Shop Floor Management project was productivity, in which case the gain was 3.4%, compared to 2016 and 2015. "Shop floor management has helped us create a daily routine of key indicator verification for all levels of the organization. It brought a more structured approach to solving day-to-day problems, starting to address the root cause, not just containment, especially with the use of PDCA A3, "says Luciano Viveros.

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