The exchange of experiences was the highlight of the event

June 22, 2017 | News Brazil
Promoted by Staufen Táktica in June 7th and 8th in São Paulo, the Best Practice Day 2017 was fully dedicated to the challenges of Lean and the future of the methodology. The exchange of experiences was the highlight of the event. Lean is constantly changing. You can’t learn anything today and stop there. You need to put it into practice, test, measure, improve and share so that new ideas can come up every time. Apply the Lean on yourself, then apply on your team and then create a sustainable and efficient model of continuous improvement. And all this is born of this exchange. It is fundamental! The main topics that appeared on the event’s agenda were: Lean Transformation with Sustainability Deployment goals       Toyota Kata –     Shop floor Management –     Lean Administration –      Lean 4.0  Lean is not a set of techniques that is on paper. Lean is movement, it is action. It is to lead regardless of your position, is to put yourself in the side and not in the front. It is learning by doing.

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