Trainings at Siemens Brazil certify 70 employees to multiply Lean concepts in the company

April 19, 2016 | News Brazil
Recognized as the largest integrated technology company in the Brazilian market, Siemens evolves continuously and follows establishing extraordinary brands. In the last few years, we have contributed to improve the quality life of Brazilians, for example, with technologies that improve public transport for millions of people every day. Our solutions also helped the sports and events arenas to achieve a higher level in several cities. Nowadays, Siemens employs more than seven thousand people in Brazil, in 12 factories, seven Research & Development centers, besides to 13 regional offices.  In Brazil, the Lean System implementation has began in 1999, in the Transformers Factory  at the industrial complex of Jundiaí (SP). In order to strengthen the Lean culture within the company and further integrate the entire value chain internally in the organization, Staufen Taktica was chosen in 2014 to apply a professional certification program on concepts, tools and Lean philosophy in the administrative areas. The program called “Lean Business Expert” was originally developed at Siemens Germany, being applied through trainings with a strong practical content through simulations and games, followed by execution of projects by the participants who, in turn, are supported by a program of coaching by the consultancy. The development of projects occurs in a period that differs from 2 to 8 months, depending on the level of certification. Between 2014 and 2015 Staufen Taktica has trained 70 professionals, 17 certifications at the "expert" level and 53 "basic" level certifications where were presented 64 projects that shows a saving of about 3.1 million Reais, with an approximately return of 300% of the investment.  “O objetivo do programa foi alcançado através de um robusto sistema de capacitação que associa transferência de conhecimentos conceituais e aplicação prática em projetos reais com metas de resultados financeiros. Esta combinação gera extrema motivação e garante o máximo aproveitamento na formação de multiplicadores dos conceitos e filosofia Lean”, disse Adilson Ahvener, Senior Manager da Staufen Táktica. "The goal of the program was achieved through a robust training system that combines transfer of conceptual knowledge and practical application in real projects with financial results targets. This combination generates extreme motivation and ensures maximum use in the training of multipliers of the Lean concepts and philosophy", said Adilson Ahvener, Senior Manager from Staufen Taktica.

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